Nivedita Classes Ingenious Quest Test

About Ingenious Quest

Starting from this year, Nivedita Classes (NC) will conduct NCIQ test, admission cum screening test on All India Level to select meritorious students for its “JAGRITI Batch”. From Jagriti batch, Nivedita Classes will try to get maximum output in terms of selections.

The institute has excellent results to its credit. From day one, it has been instrumental in enabling a number of students to achieve their dreams. These results could be achieved, due to proper planning, assiduous collection of feedback from the students and regular follow-up action to plug the shortcomings. The institute has been honing its skills and making continuous improvements in coaching methodology for achieving success.

To keep a close vigilance on student’s time table, candidates will have to stay at our hostel. It will enable maximum interaction among students and faculty members. It will also eliminate energy consuming and time wasting commutes.

Salient Features


Total intake would be of 200 students. 100 students will be given coaching at our Delhi centre, while 100 more students will be studying at our BKSVM, Sonkh, Mathura centre.
Note:- Their will be separate merit list for Ex BKSVM students and Nivedita Classes students.


Nivedita Classes do not charge any coaching fee and runs the program only to serve the community, however Nivedita Classes has to charge the students for hostel and meal facilities. Following charges will apply.

1. Security money

Rs.8,000.00 (refundable)

2. Hostel and Meal Charges Delhi Centre

Boys – Rs.8,000/month
Girls – Rs.8,500/month

BKSVM, Akka, Matura Centre Boys – Rs.7,500/month
Girls – Rs.7,500/month
3. ID Card Rs. 100

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